Church Activities

We have a number of Church activities available, we warmly invite you to join us. 

worship services

Worship services continue every Sunday morning, and during Christmas, New Year and Easter Passion weeks. The congregation members reflect on the Messages and discuss amongst themselves during fellowship time after the worship services.

The services attendance numbers have grown recently with new families joining the congregation, mainly Armenian Refugees from Syria.

A newsletter is distributed after the Sunday worship service that contains the Worship Message and church announcements. The Newsletter is also posted to affiliated Church members & organizations in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Lebanon, Armenia and USA. 

ladies worship

The Ladies worship service is carried out every Thursday and led by one of the congregation members. The worship is led monthly by the Minister and sometimes it is led by suitable visitors.

The Ladies also organize bus trips and lunch-on events, where they invite their friends from outside the congregation.

The Ladies group fosters the sense of social community throughout the congregation.

young couples

This group for married couples gathers once a month to socialize, pray, learn and share a meal. The evening includes teachings related to Christian marriage. Our first gathering was held on Saturday, May 21, 2011. Our programs also include several indoor and outdoor social activities, such as, games, karaoke, movie nights. Between 10 to 15 couples attend these meetings regularly.

sunday school

Several volunteers lead the Sunday School worship and teachings on Sunday mornings.

Sunday School is the foundational step in Christian faith, where the seeds are planted in the hearts & minds of the children to prepare them for accepting the salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Several Sunday School children have graduated the Sunday School and now attending the Junior Youth ministry.

As families with children continue to attend Sunday worship services, the next wave of younger children started attending the Sunday School.

junior youth group

Our junior youth group members meet on Friday afternoons at 6.00pm. The group studies basic Christian principles to help them grow in their faith and Christian walk.

praise worship

This worship is done once every month. The aim is to help the younger generation to worship and praise God with contemporary worship music. The praise worship creates the atmosphere for all to share their faith and their daily spiritual walk in front of the congregation.

mid-week bible study

The Minister leads mid-week Bible Study attended by around 10 to 20 attendees, where the Lord’s Messages are explored throughout the Bible in deep level. A Book-by-Book and verse-by-verse study.

 The Messages are discussed with the attendees, followed by shared prayer time.

The Bible Study is essential for the spiritual knowledge and growth in the Christian Faith

youth group

Mission Statement: Our mission is to lift up the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and to make Him known by serving others. We believe that our lives should and will be transformed by the power of God’s unfailing grace, in a way that Christ is seen in us, so that others will be drawn to follow Him. 

We are happy to announce that we were able to establish a youth group that meets every Friday night at 7.00pm. Around 20 youth attend our gatherings regularly. We praise God that our youth members are actively involved in the life and vision of our church.

annual church retreat

The Church organises annual retreat for the families of the church for a weekend away at one of Sydney’s conference centres.

Sometimes an overseas minister or preacher is invited to share the word during the conference, which is usually preceded or followed by missionary mid-week worship services.